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It is with great enthusiasm and joy that I welcome you to the new Training Year 2016. The year that just went by was an eventful one but not without its challenges. The general elections and the consequent transition in government in the year 2015 led to a lot of restructuring and budgetary constraints. Indeed it was the grace of God and sheer resilience and determination on our part that ensured that we still recorded all the achievements and successes that we had. The year 2015 was a year in which the Management skill of all was tested to its limits as everyone had to device the means to do more with less.

We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the support and patronage of all our partners and clients for sticking with us through the years. We realize that the prevailing circumstances of the recent years have made it increasingly difficult to continue to display this patronage. This is why we are particularly grateful to those of you who have realized the critical importance of capacity building and have defied all odds to continue to give staff training the priority it deserves. On our part in ARMTI, we do pledge to also continue to deliver the world-class management training that you depend on us to give.

In a time of dwindling oil prices and the consequent biting economy, the Federal Government is taking drastic measures to block leakages and steer the ship of the nation to safe harbour. This requires out-of-the-box strategies and ingenious methods. In our typical proactive manner, ARMTI is keying in, with its own initiatives and interventions, to bring about the much desired change towards food security, poverty alleviation and youth empowerment/ employment creation. We are leading the way in the Agricultural Commodity Value Chain drive nationwide while we have also been blazing the trail in exposing the huge potentials in the Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) for health purposes and income generation. We have embarked upon an active sensitization drive nationwide, on the imperative of moving from practising agriculture as a mere survival means, to practicing it as a business. We have equally and recently, in our corporate social responsibility efforts, underscored to our neighbouring communities, the need to be faithful in all obligations to the Electricity Distribution Company; as power is indispensable to the practice of agribusiness. Here in ARMTI, we strive to feel the pulse of our clients and always design and structure our courses and programmes to meet their yearnings and needs per time. In addition, we have always been pleased to mount special courses tailor-made, to suit the specific needs of organizations at their requests.

Efforts are in top gear to ensure practical field exercises in ARMTI courses, to enrich the classroom facilitation and knowledge of course participants. In the light of this, a demonstration farm has been established on ARMTI campus through funding by the International Potato Centre (CIP) for its pilot project- The Jumpstarting Project for Sweetpotato Vines Multiplication in Nigeria. This is, apart from the ARMTI Village Alive Development Initiative (VADI)-a social research laboratory- in seven communities in the operational area of ARMTI. These will enrich the scope and depth of our courses as participants have the added exposure of the field practicum to their classroom interaction. Our clients have continued to give gratifying feedback on the impact of our training on their staff and its consequent effects on the output of their organisations. We have endeavoured to ensure that we maintain and improve where necessary, the serene atmosphere and world-class facilities on our campus to ensure that the standards we are known for are not compromised. Our facilities at our Regional Training Centre in Abuja, have equally been upgraded and expanded with a new ultra-modern, fully equipped 30-room accommodation, to further serve the needs of our clients as may be required.

ARMTI is poised for you, ready to serve you and give you the best. We invite you to come and receive the best that we have for you as well. Let us together, move our nation forward because the greatest assets of any nation are its people. ARMTI still remains the only sector-specific Management Development Institute (MDI) in the Sub-Saharan African.

Welcome to ARMTI in Year 2016.

Dr. Olufemi Ajayi Oladunni
Ag. Executive Director

About us Interventions  Collaboration

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